Elegy to a Child

I lament the silenced laughter drowned by the gutter greedily drinking the blood creeping, tracing crimson stripes across the cold, mute pavement. There was no witness but my own shadow whose legs stretched maybe 12 feet long in front of me. I turned my back on the twisted form that lay crumpled at my feet. […]

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Art and obsession

Reposting this great piece from Cristian Mihai. Enjoy! 🙂 Art and obsession.

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My name is Percival. I’m working as a Team Lead for a BPO company in Taguig City. I graduated from college with a degree in Broadcast Communications but never got around to practicing what I’ve learned. Straight out of college, I became a graphic artist – slash – copywriter for a small ad agency here in Manila. I worked there for four years before I shifted to outsourcing. As for my previous work, it’s become more of a hobby now. You can visit some of my art samples by clicking here.

Welcome to my Playpen. Feel free to look around.

And oh, don’t mind the occasional rants and mood swings. I’m Bipolar.